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BigMooSchool1.jpg _____________________________________________________________________________________________ The Big Moo" is far more than a book, but a treatise and a collaboration between 33 pioneering thinkers meditating on organizational "remark-ability" through â??morphing one's brown cow into a purple' one. The authors include yours truly, Malcolm Gladwell, Tom Peters and Seth Godin - the mastermind of the "Group of 33." All of the contributors to the book decided to donate our proceeds to charity. The significance of that donation was confirmed by Seth's recent announcement that the building of a school in Nepal was just completed and our funds had seeded the construction project! View the story on Seth's Blog A poor village in the mountains of Nepal has reaped the benefits of Seth's vision and Big Moo sales, and he promises that this is only the beginning. I believe! Somewhere I hear a Purple Cow mooing his approval ... kc_sig.gif
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Monday, 5/29 - The mere thought of getting the chance to talk with someone who I feel is at the epicenter of the 'Sport for Social Change Movement' would compel me to do some pretty outrageous things. So, when i agreed to take a conference call @4am to connect across the BIG pond with one of the globe's "human catalysts", Mel Young, co-founder of the Homeless World Cup (http://www.streetsoccer.org ), there was no hesitation or grousing about the early hour. Young_Mel.jpg I knew it would be an extraordinary exchange - an it did not disappoint! We had a fantastic time discussing ideas and beliefs and we reveled in our mutual understanding of sport's transformational power. We also discussed some exciting collaborative opportunities in the near future that, for now, must remain, "on the QT and very, hush-hush." Suffice it to say, no java or energy drink was necessary to wire and stimulate me through the remains of the day. People like Mel carry a creative, electrical charge that is transferrable and highly inspirational. The man's passion-in-action underscored how his grand vision for a global soccer tourney benefiting homeless people came to be. Thanks Mel!! See ya in Cape town, South Africa for the HWC (Sept. 24-30th) this fall...
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Students in Danielle's Fifth Grade Class at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School in New York City sent a special shout out to KC for "inspiring us to write this book." {To order copies of 'Recipes for Hope' contact: Xlibris Corporation, 1-888-795-4274; http://www.xlibris.com} ______________________________________________________________________________________________ A series of emails (see below) created a special collaboration between a classroom of highly motivated, slightly incorrigible & very creative social entreprenuers in the 5th grade at the Ethical Culture School. Danielle's 5th grade class reached out to me & caused a creative collison that I will not soon forget. Check out the email string that led to my writing the introduction to their philanthropic, inspirational effort ("Recipes For Hope") on behalf of kids affected by the hurricane in the gulf coast region. "And the children shall lead us..." #1 - The Invitation... From: Danielle Neufeld Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 10:58:24 -0800 (PST) To: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Subject: re: We Need Kevin's Assistance! Ethical Culture Fieldston School 33 Central Park West New York, NY 10023 C/O Danielle Neufeld 917-774-7419 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Dear Kevin Carroll, We are class 5N from the Ethical Culture Fieldston School in New York City. My teacher read us the book Rules of the Red Rubber Ball. We thought it was an amazing story about determination, hope, and many more amazing features. Our class is writing a book for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and we would love it if you would write the prologue for our book. We thought you would be a good person to right the book because the book you wrote was very inspiring to us. If you decide to write the prologue, please inform us by writing us a letter or emailing our teacher Danielle at the above address. If you can, we would love it if you came to visit! Thank you very much for reading this letter, we appreciate it. Sincerely, Danielle Neufeld's Class #2 - Accepting the Offer I Couldn't Refuse... Hello Kevin, Thank you so much for your generosity. Your book has become an inspiration to me and my students for the past two years now... and is destined to be a lasting tradition. Thank you for writing the book. It reinforces everything that I do in the classroom. I have already been in touch with Mr. Moore. I relayed to him how overwhelmed I was. I asked the students to "think outside the box" to raise money for Katrina and this was our decision. The students have been given the freedom to write about the idea of hope in whatever form they wanted... There are poems, quotes, short stories and illustrations. The writing is complete and we will be editing and putting it in digital form to send to you (hopefully) by the third week of January. Thanks again for your involvement. Wishing you a great holiday and a happy and healthy New Year! Danielle #3 The Hook... Dear Kevin- When we retuned from the holiday vacation, I read your email to the kids and they were beside themselves! We are just about finished with our writing. Here is a sample of some of the Hope Stories. I hope that this helps you. If you need more examples, I will send them to you next week. Also, please let me know if you are going to be in New York because we would love to meet you in person! Thank you again for your generosity. Best, Danielle #4 - The Intro is DONE! Hi Kevin, Your Intro is GREAT! The kids were overjoyed and thought it was just perfect. I am only going to change the class name to "Danielle's class". I am certain you and your intro will be the discussion topic tonight at many homes! A compressed version of the book is coming your way soon. Thank you so much! Danielle #5 - The Visit to the School... Master.Photo.Danielle'sSchool.Edit.jpg Hi Michael and Kevin- Thank you so very much for the incredible gifts and your warm way with the students. Four students have made their own balls to share. The students are still talking about you and the feedback from the parents is overwhelming! Thanks again and hope the rest of your trip to NYC was great! Sincerely- Danielle #6 - The Publishing Party Hi Kevin What a wonderful gift! Yummy too! It arrived right in the middle of our publishing party! We had a wonderful day together and made a toast to you. Thanks again for your wishes and gift! Hope all is well- Best Danielle
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"In March, I spoke at the LPL Financial Master's Conference in Puerto Rico. While there, I briefly met an LPL conference attendee and his wife. Part of my speech resonated with the athlete that she'd been as a child and now as an adult. Karen indicated that she'd felt similarly encouraged by passage of Title IX legislation back in the 70's. I'm honored that Karen wrote me the letter below and I truly hope that I convey the message that sports and play can revolutionize the lives of ANYONE. .." kc_sig.gif ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Dear Kevin, We visited and lived in the Yachana Lodge, located deep in the Ecuadorian rainforest, for 4 days. It was an incredible, unique opportunity to explore and discover jungle life and lore. The lodge is nestled on the banks of the Napo River (the major tributary of the Amazon River in Ecuador), near the tiny community of Mondaña - two hours by motorized canoe from Coca. Our lodge is surrounded by over 3000 acres of primary and secondary rainforest. and a short canoe ride down the river took us to this tiny community where we attended the school. The photo is of an elementary school we visited and we brought them gifts. AmazonKids.K.Priemer.jpg The ball was outside of the elementary school house. I told my husband I would take a pic of the ball to send to you:) Amazon Ball.K.Priemer.jpg ...This is a great place to visit. you can learn more at http://www.Yachana.com Make it a great day! Karen karen.priemer.jpg ps. This whole trip was incredible and you may view more pics of our big trip (more than the amazon) at http://www.natural-success.com/peru.html
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