July 28, 2010 | Comment

The Changing Lives Through Football competition is open to all types of individuals and organizations (charitable organizations, private companies, or public entities) from all countries.
The winners of this Changemakers Collaborative Competition will be those entries that best meet the following criteria:
Innovation: The innovation should be a unique model of change demonstrating a substantial difference from other initiatives in the field with the possibility for large-scale expansion.
Social Impact: It is important that the innovative idea provides a system-changing solution for the field it addresses. This will be judged by considering the scale strategy, ability to be replicated, clear how-tos, and the entrant’s ability to formulate a clear “road map” to reaching larger goals.
Sustainability: For an innovation to be truly effective it must have a plan for how it will acquire financial and other bases of support for the long-term. They should also demonstrate that they have strong partnerships and support networks to address an ongoing need, and to aid in scalability and the maintenance of a clear financial strategy.

Love.Futbol got my vote!


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