October 10, 2008

Have fun at work - it’s productive

”â?¦Surely, creating a healthy workplace environment devoid of the usual toxic traits and personalities has got to be more complicated than simply carting to work a don’t-worry-be-happy attitude.

Not according to American psychologist Stephen Lundin, author of the perennial best-seller Fish! The 67-year-old who ended a decade on the professional development circuit in Christchurch last week claims workplace morale and corporate success will sink or swim on the attitude of employees.

Sounds simple enough, but Lundin says the scarcity of positive work environments and employees packing a good attitude would suggest we humans are not as smart as we think. “It’s simplicity on the other side of complexity,” says Lundin of his ideas on building a better workplace.â?¦”

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The article goes on to discuss the workers at Pike Place (fish) market in Seattle, WA who are known for their non-stop humorous banter with each other and their customers, brightening up what would otherwise be a pretty dreary job.

Attitude can trump aptitude?!  According to psychologist Lundin, its as easy as these four steps: play, making someone’s day, being there, and choosing one’s attitude.

Give it a try!


What’s your Red Rubber Ball?!

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