July 24, 2008

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WYRRB?!A Series of Fortunate Events

From an idea to on the shelves and on the web, “What’s Your Red Rubber Ball?! discover your inspiration and chase it for a lifetime” is my latest book effort that I’ve been pursuing for over two years. Today, July 22, my second book will be released. Each time I think about my printed and bound words being easily accessible to the public, I get an oh-so-familiar visceral response. It’s a feeling of being scared and exhilarated that settles right in the deep recesses of my stomach and makes me uncontrollably lurch forward and double over. I used to get that feeling before stepping into the starting blocks at a track meet (see Track Town USA post). All sorts of madness and questions were running through my head as the release date drew closer—is it any good; did I deliver the message I wanted; will it be inspiring; will the reader “get it”; will I sell enough books to please my publisher (ESPN Books/Disney Publishing); will more than friends and family purchase it—this is a BIG worry considering that my book will be competing against more than 150,000 titles published this year.

Online book description: In a boldly designed, highly energetic book, Kevin Carroll leads readers through a series of exercises designed to help them discover their Red Rubber Ball—a dream to chase for a lifetime. With a cardboard box to be decorated, punch-out inspiration cards, a removable dream statement, and gatefold pages that can be written on, this engaging new book offers tweens and teens a fun, accessible way to think about their hopes and dreams.

So, how did I get to this point?! Well, here’s my tale of how a series of fortunate events unfolded to create this opportunity to publish another book with the Worldwide Leader In Sports. This moment is equally filled with a anxiety, exuberance, and satisfaction:

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What’s your Red Rubber Ball?!

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