November 10, 2010

Rise - The Documentary Film Project
Even though I live in a house full of water, I have been grateful fighting for it (the helicopter).” ~ Agustin, “The Helicopter Man”
Beginning in 2007 Producer-Directors Tyler Bastian and Trevor Hill embarked on a journey to make a film that tells a story of a man Tyler met in Honduras over a decade ago. Rise is about Agustin, who is physically disabled from polio, yet has spent 50 years building a surprisingly advanced helicopter out of re-bar, bicycle parts and wood. His dream to take flight has inspired us to capture his spirit, attitude, and perspective in an emotional film about determination and the purpose of life goals.

KC Note: I’m a proud funder/backer (+ 109 other “believers”) of this film via KICKSTARTER - the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world. RISE is now fully funded!! Stay tuned for more info about screenings.

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