February 20, 2009


What would you do if an unusual opportunity was presented to you in the the form of a…Double-Dog-Dare?!

Would you accept the challenge? Would you ignore it and be haunted by your fearful behavior? Challenges abound in our lives - especially now. Courage is in HIGH demand.

Well, today @130p pacific time, I will be playing a man by the name of Kevin Ward who flew in from the “Windy City” (aka Chicago) to challenge me, via a Double-Dog-Dare, to some hoops. If he is the victor, the reward is 30 days of mentoring from me. If he takes a loss, he will do 30 days of charitable work in his community. Win-WIN!

The terms + games were set by me - home court advantage. Agreed upon by KevinW.

So, It’s ON in PDX at the NorthEast Community Center today! Stay tuned + keep chasin’...

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