March 16, 2011

Philadelphia is home to a new national champion!
The Cowtown/Work to Ride polo team, which is based in Fairmount Park, won the 42d annual USPA National Interscholastic Championship tournament Sunday in Charlottesville, Va.“It was awesome,” Cowtown/WTR coach Lezlie Hiner said of her team’s 24-17 victory over Baltimore in the title game at the University of Virginia’s indoor polo facility.
Cowtown/WTR became the first all-black team to win the national championship. The team, which entered the tournament as the second seed, includes brothers Kareem Rosser, 18, and Daymar Rosser, 16, of West Philadelphia, and Brandon Rease, 15, of North Philadelphia. Hiner said Cowtown/WTR broke to an early lead against Baltimore. The team did the same thing in a 24-8 victory over Midland (Texas) in Saturday’s semifinals.

About WTR: Created in 1994 by Lezlie Hiner, Work to Ride is a non-profit, providing disadvantaged urban youth from Philadelphia with constructive activities centered around horsemanship, equine sports, and education. Located in Fairmount Park, the setting provides a unique opportunity to bring 7-to 19-year-old youth in contact with animals and nature. While most participants are trained in several sports, polo has proven to be the perennial favorite of Work to Ride youth.

I’m honored to say that I’ve been a “true believer” in the amazing work that Lezlie is doing with the young people from Philly who participate in her program - read more HERE...see more HERE

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