September 02, 2011

Roadtrip Nation Season Eight Official Trailer from Roadtrip Nation on Vimeo.

Roadtrip Nation exists to empower individuals to define their own roads in life. What started as an annual documentary series on public television has grown to include an innovative educational curriculum, live campus events, nationally-publicized books, and multimedia online content.Roadtrip Nation began in 2001 as an idea Mike, Nathan, Brian and Amanda, four friends fresh out of college, formed when they were not sure what to do with their lives. Initially, the scope of the plan was relatively small – climb aboard an old RV, paint it green, and traverse the country with the purpose of interviewing people who inspired them by living lives that centered around what was meaningful to them. Along the way, the four realized that the conversations that they were having on the road could not remain within the confines of their own RV, but held relevancy that could be shared with a world that was losing the know-how of living lives that pulse on personal passion rather than someone else’s expectations.

Got Your Own Road?!

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