September 02, 2009

Mintel, a leading market research company, reviews global consumer trends of 2009…

It’s not going to be all work and no play for today’s consumers. Even as the economy drags people down financially and emotionally, Mintel sees a continued focus on enjoyment and life fulfillment. While people around the world still feel pessimistic, Mintel sees them discovering ways to transform their lifestyles and lighten the mood.

Harry Foster, global analyst at Mintel, comments on the greatest themes in consumer behavior this year:

“At the end of last year, we knew 2009 was going to be difficult for people across the globe. But as we review our five consumer trend predictions, we see that optimism has steadily balanced out stress and economic hardship. The first half of the year was especially challenging, but with tentative, recent green shoots of recovery, we expect people’s attitudes to brighten considerably in coming months. Consumers have a resilient ability to stay positive amid tough circumstances.”

Last year, Mintel forecast five global consumer trends for 2009. Mid-year, the market research firm uses insight from expert analysts and new market research to take stock of how these trends are playing out:

Of the 5 global consumer trends identified in the Mintel report, PLAYFULNESS is included! The PLAY Movement is truly gaining the attention it deserves as a valuable resource to assist the global community’s effort to BOUNCE out of these challenging times, CHASE new innovation & remind us that we all need a little stress relief (aka RECESS  for the soul) - Got PLAY?! Read more…

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