May 05, 2009


Malcolm Gladwell shares his unique “forensic” writing style once again in his latest magazine piece for The New Yorker.

His latest “social forensic case” delves into just how “Davids” aka Underdogs (KC note: I just couldn’t resist using this image from one of my favorite childhood cartoons!) can defeat the “Goliaths” of the world with a bit of rule breaking, great effort, cleverness, a dash of the unexpected, and ingenuity.

For me, a story that can stitch together a compelling read using disparate tales of an low-skilled, girl’s youth hoops team’s rise to dominance + a Biblical tale of a “rule breaker” (aka David v. Goliath) + Rick Pitino as a freshman “bench warmer” at UMass + Julius “the Doctor….Errrrrving!” and create a painstakingly detailed, highly insightful, cleverly “penned”, joyfully unexpected reading experience for the “David-in-all-of-us” ... is gonna be a post on my blog! 

Well shared, Malcolm…well shared!

Enjoy the read + break some rules!

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