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An email received this week at Katalyst Central:

I am writing to let you know that PBS Engage is featuring Roadtrip Nation

co-founder, Nathan Gebhard, as part of the ongoing PBS Engage series called “Five Good Questions.”

The series features a PBS celebrity or insider and asks visitors to send in questions to be answered the following week.  The blog series has been very successful and we are thrilled to have Nate as our feature this week.  This is a chance for visitors to ask him about the popular series, his own journey of self-discovery in the Green RV and what inspiring individuals Roadtrip Nation has connected with over the years.
Since Kevin Carroll was featured on the program during its original season, we thought this may be of interest to you.  If you have a blog or are part of a social network, we hope that you will pass this information along.  Please visit the link and post your comments and questions here.

You can also visit us at PBS Engage  and follow us on Twitter.

Thank you!

Amy R. Baroch

Senior Project Manager, PBS Engage

Follow the hypertext links above and check out Roadtrip Nation on line on the PBS website.

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