September 12, 2008 | Comment

Jessica, my able assistant always finds interesting sports related social change activities.  For example, the Sport Matters Group:

What is the Sport Matters Group?

The SMG is a voluntary group of individuals who have come together to talk about the important contribution that sport makes to society, and to collaborate on various sport policy issues on an ad hoc basis. The Group has actively worked together on the Canadian Sport Policy, the new Sport and Physical Activity Act, and on increasing the resources available for sport in Canada.

What other activities is the SMG involved in?

The federal election kicks off and so does our sport campaign: I believe in the power of sport to..

With your participation, our campaign will reach-out to candidates in all 308 ridings across Canada with your message about the power of sport. Together, we will ask each candidate how they propose to strengthen sport in Canada. Simply asking the question can make all the difference when we work together.

It’s easy to get involved.

It is easy - when you have a clear idea of your mission.  And there’s no doubt that where there’s a will - and a blueprint like the Sport Matters Group - there is a well-paved way.

Thanks, Jessica, for the heads up.


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