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About JR: JR is 25 years old and owns the largest art gallery in the world. He exhibits his arts freely in the streets, attracting people who are usually not visiting museums. His work is a mix of art and action, reflecting the concepts of political involvement, freedom, identity and boundary. He describes himself as an “artivist”, a condense of artist and activist. With his 28 mm lens, with people wincing, huge posters and his anonymity, the photographer does not give any interpretation and leave a free space to allow the subject/actor and the bystander/interpreter to meet. With the surprise and the questions that JR is raising, each of us can review our own thoughts and free ourselves from stereotypes and prejudices. This is all JR’s work: to ask questionsâ?¦
The 3rd step of the 28 mm lens project, Women Are Heroes, was directed in Africa, in post-war zones. JR took photography of women of whom he wanted to share their painful stories and to testify their urge for life. The women’s portraits have been exhibited in Sierra Leone and Liberia.
To see more of JR’s projects visit: JR Art

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