October 02, 2010 | Comment

What makes your school green?
Share your story, win cool prizes, and change the world! From September 15th to October 27th, YouthNoise is teaming up with Link TV and the Redford Center to host the Green Schools Media Challenge. The contest is a project of Youth Building Healthy Communities, a campaign where young leaders use their community organizing skills to fight health disparities and improve their neighborhoods. The Green Schools Media Challenge highlights high school and college students who are taking action to green their schools. This could include documenting scenes from the school garden, proposing energy-efficient lighting in classrooms, explaining how to start an Environmental Club, or creating posters in art class to inform students about healthy food options. Students from across the US will share their stories and solutions, and inspire others to get involved and make an impact, too. The contest begins on September 15th and runs through October 27th. During the challenge, students will upload video or photo entries with short text descriptions. Winners will be determined by online voting and a judging panel that consists of celebrities, activists, and filmmakers. The winning films or photo entries will be featured at the Redford Center Green Schools Summit in Sundance, Utah and aired to millions on Link TV.


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