August 30, 2009 | Comment

With my 51st birthday one day away, I’ve found myself being quite introspective about the entire year & what I did to make it truly a FAB @ 50 year. On August 31st, 2008, I set in motion my intention and commitment to make this a year filled with ultra-catalytic & ultra-inspiring moments to celebrate living 50 years on the planet. Well, I’m humbled & elated to have been blessed with a year of great health & energy along with an abundance of opportunities to manifest my intention into a reality!

So, I’m pleased to confess & exclaim with loud, thumping keystrokes that…the past 365 days were filled with ups, downs, uncertainty, unexpected glee, challenges, change & a great deal of joy. My FAB @ 50 birthday year was one of the most inspiring years of my adult-life!

Rather than tap & tick away at my computer keyboard and compose a post about the year, I thought images with short, inside-the-mind-of-KC snippets & links to tell “the rest of the story” would be a bit more of an entertaining way to share the stories about the people, places & moments from my FAB @ 50 birthday year - ENJOY!

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