January 06, 2012 | Comment

sOccket - reTHINK FUNction
At Uncharted Play, we have one goal: convince the masses to reTHINK FUNction. Who says solutions to global problems have to be boring? By optimizing the functionality of play, we hope to address issues of global importance while injecting more joy into each day. For the sOccket, the flagship movement of Uncharted Play, this means taking a sport loved around the world and harnessing this passion to provide real, environmentally-friendly energy to power electrical appliances like LED lamps, water sterilization devices and mini refrigerators. We also hope that our innovation will inspire others to dream and create as well. Innovation is nothing if not contagious, and our goal is to lead by example, paving the way for people around the world to fix the issues facing humanity while keeping joy at the forefront of their lives.


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