December 01, 2009 | Comment

On Monday, November 30th at Niketown London, NIKE, Bono and Didier Drogba, arguably the world’s best striker, came together to launch a partnership between Nike and (RED)?. NIKE and (RED) together will leverage the power of sport to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.

The idea is simple: Educate + Medicate

How it works

  1. You purchase (NIKE)RED laces.
  2. Nike contribute 100% of the profits from the sale to the Global Fund and to football-based programs that help fight AIDS in Africa.
  3. Funds are received by programs like Grassroots Soccer, which uses football as a framework to teach youths how to avoid contracting HIV/AIDS.
  4. Funds are also contributed to The Global Fund to fund HIV/AIDS programs that support the purchase of lifesaving Antiretroviral (ARV) medication, training of medical staff, HIV testing and treatment to help prevent the transmission of the virus from pregnant mothers to their babies.
  5. Life-saving knowledge is received by the next generation in Africa.

Since its inception, (RED)? partners and events have generated over £80 million to the Global Fund and the number keeps growing.

Lace Up/Educate…


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