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May 31, 2010 | Comment

Photog: Alan Bennett

Got Joy?!

RedBall Project does!

January 25, 2010 | 4 comments

Fast Company 01/25/10 - Happiness is contagious, and that “contagious” quality is where design meets the market. Coca-Cola’s Happiness Machine video is a perfect example of how viral happiness can be. The brand’s first viral venture captures what happened when they placed a very special vending machine on a college campus.

Got PLAY?!

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August 30, 2009 | Comment

With my 51st birthday one day away, I’ve found myself being quite introspective about the entire year & what I did to make it truly a FAB @ 50 year. On August 31st, 2008, I set in motion my intention and commitment to make this a year filled with ultra-catalytic & ultra-inspiring moments to celebrate living 50 years on the planet. Well, I’m humbled & elated to have been blessed with a year of great health & energy along with an abundance of opportunities to manifest my intention into a reality!

So, I’m pleased to confess & exclaim with loud, thumping keystrokes that…the past 365 days were filled with ups, downs, uncertainty, unexpected glee, challenges, change & a great deal of joy. My FAB @ 50 birthday year was one of the most inspiring years of my adult-life!

Rather than tap & tick away at my computer keyboard and compose a post about the year, I thought images with short, inside-the-mind-of-KC snippets & links to tell “the rest of the story” would be a bit more of an entertaining way to share the stories about the people, places & moments from my FAB @ 50 birthday year - ENJOY!

May 11, 2009 | Comment

Photog: Bryan Scott

All of those clandestine tweets that I’ve been posting over the past 6 weeks referring to my cello, were leading up to a BIG moment for me at MIS09 - I played a little bit of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida with the MIS09 house band led by Danny Dukes for my intro!

The 30 seconds was an unbelievable moment (and a bit of a emotional blur) of producing a jazzy cacophony that was hopefully pleasant to the audience’s ears.

I can honestly say that all of the work I put in to play the 30 second piece was challenging, uplifting, necessary, enlightening. Here’s a few of the valuable lessons I took away from my experience with the “soulful” instrument:

Practice, Practice, Practice!
- 30 days of intense cello instruction with my long-time teacher, Dorien de León, was amazing and rigorous.

Gimme 20! - a cellist truly uses different muscle groups to properly play the “BIG fiddle!”

Cellist Down! - a serious bout of elbow tendonitis flared up in my preparation and I gained a greater appreciation for musicians and overuse injuries.

Got Courage?! -  I experienced many days/moments of doubt about being able to play the cello in a public venue. After all, my last public performance was my 9th grade orchestra stint in ‘73.

BIG Thanks to:
Dorien for her instruction and guidance - she’s Magical.

Danny Dukes and The Band for welcoming me and lettin’ me jam with your jazzy-n-playful MIS09 band!

Checkout more pics HERE

Photog: Bryan Scott

August 26, 2008 | Comment support the cause of play!


From one of my play partners, KaBoom!

1. Take a picture
2. Call a friend
3. Bounce a ball
4. Throw a party
5. Pick up a newspaper

We guarantee that you will experience moments of deep emotional connection and joy following the practice of steps one through five.  If you do not experience moments of deep emotional connection and joy, there is one additional step…

Step Six - repeat steps one through five. 

What’s your Red Rubber Ball?!

August 22, 2008 | Comment


From TomPeters.Com:

Dispatches from the new world of work
World’s Worst Advice!

An old friend visited for a couple of days last week. Google him, and you’ll be impressed. Or you would be, if I’d tell you who it is.

In the course of a dozen conversations—old guy conversations—we shared stories of joys and sorrows, anger and pain, good fortune and ill winds, pals and foes and traitors and through-it-all supporters.

His Hall-of-Fame career includes bushels of excoriating criticisms along the way. Embarrassing and well-deserved failures. Off years—in fact, off decades.

And musing on it all reminded me of a Very Sensible Saying that I think is pure, unmitigated crap, in fact the World’s Worst Advice:

“Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em.”

As I said ... pure crap.

Forget “fold ‘em.”
Drop it from your vocabulary.
Excise it.
Bury it.
Stomp on its grave.

If you care, really care, really really care about what you are pursuing, well, then, pursue-the-hell-out-of-it-until-hell-freezes-over-and-then-some-and-then-some-more. And may the naysayers roast in hell or freeze in the Antarctic or bore themselves to death with the sound of their “statistically accurate” advice?

There you have it!


What’s your Red Rubber Ball?!

July 24, 2008 | Comment

Thursday Shoutout is our time to feature those who have given us love on their websites or blogs.  This is our way of saying: Backatcha!

From the Schoolhouse Blog, online resource for the Texas Elementary Principals & Supervisors Association:

TEAM TEPSA…in the Game for Kids!

“Live each waking moment as if it might be a ‘teachable moment’, a chance to expand your mind and strengthen your abilities.” ~Kevin Carroll, Rules of the Red Rubber Ball

TEPSA volunteer leaders gathered this month to discuss ideas for the association and learn new ways to energize school leaders at the local level. One idea that was shared was having teachers read “Rules of the Red Rubber Ball” by Kevin Carroll as an inspirational book study when the school year begins.

It’s always validating when people read Rules of the Red Rubber Ball and find something in it that resonates with them; to have it considered for use as a teaching tool or book study text is icing on the cake.  Thank you for your shoutout and know that it inspires me to dig more deeply and put out more material that will have even greater impact.  Speaking of which: Stay Tuned for a BIG announcement along those lines!!