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May 31, 2010 | Comment

Photog: Alan Bennett

Got Joy?!

RedBall Project does!

May 04, 2010 | Comment

Photog: Swanky Yashica-D
RedBall Project Taipei

The RedBall Project : Artist Statement
Through the RedBall Project I utilize my opportunity as an artist to be a catalyst for new encounters within the everyday. Through the magnetic, playful, and charismatic nature of the RedBall the work is able to access the imagination embedded in all of us. On the surface, the experience seems to be about the ball itself as an object, but the true power of the project is what it can create for those who experience it. It opens a doorway to imagine what if? As RedBall travels around the world people approach me on the street with excited suggestions about where to put it in their city. In that moment the person is not a spectator but a participant in the act of imagination. I have witnessed it across continents, diverse age spans, cultures, and languages, always issuing an invitation. That invitation to engage, to collectively imagine, is the true essence of the RedBall Project. The larger arc of the project is how each city responds to that invitation and, over time, what the developing story reveals about our individual and cultural imagination.
- Kurt Perschke



October 01, 2009 | Comment

“RedBall: Grand Rapids” 2009 | ©2009 Kurt Perschke

Kurt Perschke & RedBall Project are in the TOP 25 in the 2009 ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan!! An amazing accomplishment considering that there were 1,236 artists entered in the competition.

ArtPrize is a radically open competition from September 23 - October 10, 2009.

Tonite the Final 10 will be announced. If selected in the final 10 projects, Kurt & RedBall Project will be vying for the grand prize - $250,000.00!

All appendages are crossed for Kurt & RedBall Project.

Stay tuned…

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September 20, 2009 | 1 comment

“RedBall : Portland” 2005 | ©2005 Kurt Perschke

Kurt Perschke & RedBall Project are journeying to Grand Rapids, Michigan in search of the - ArtPrize!

ArtPrize is a radically open competition from September 23 - October 10, 2009.

The Basics

At ArtPrize, any artist—from established to emerging—has the chance to show work. Any visitor can vote. The vote will determine who wins the largest art prize in the world. We also took the unusual step to allow people in the city to open a venue and choose the artists to show in their space. There is not one official curator or jury for the competition.

The number of venues is fluid, so the number of competing artists is fluid. The possibilities are wide open.

We can’t predict what will happen, but it should be a lot of fun finding out.

  * Top prize: $250,000
  * Dates: September 23 - October 10
  * Location: Grand Rapids, MI USA
  * Winner is determined by public vote
  * All attendees of the event can vote
  * Top 10 entries will receive a prize

Artist Kurt Perschke brings his highly acclaimed RedBall Project to Grand Rapids, Michigan as part of ArtPrize. The RedBall Project is an ongoing site-specific installation that has traveled the world’s cities from Sydney to St. Louis, Barcelona to Toronto, Chicago to Korea. Typically commissioned by cities themselves, RedBall offers a unique contribution to this grassroots event by actively and organically engaging the values put forth by the ArtPrizecompetition: to create an environment where public can engage artist and artist can engage public in a fresh way.RedBall is a 15-foot high inflatable that gets squished into alleyways and pinned beneath bridges to offer citydwellers a unique glimpse into everyday spaces suddenly made special.

Perschke’s chosen sites for RedBall in Grand Rapids include:
Tuesday, Sept. 22 | Gerald R. Ford Museum
Wednesday, Sept. 23 | UICA—Opening night
Thursday, Sept. 24 | Rosa Parks Circle
Friday, Sept. 25 | GR Community College Ford Field House
Saturday, Sept. 26 | The B.O.B.
Sunday, Sept. 27 | Grand Rapids Ballet Company
Monday, Sept. 28 | Grand Rapids City Hall
Tuesday, Sept. 29 | Grand Valley State University Art Gallery
Wednesday, Sept. 30 | Kent County Courthouse

Thursday, Oct. 1 | UICA—Top 10 announced with more sites to follow if RedBall becomes a finalist

Brilliant idea! Great Opportunity! If you’re in the area be sure to GO!
Best o’ Luck, Kurt!!

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June 06, 2009 | Comment

Image courtesy of: Kurt Perschke

Kurt Perschke’s RedBall Project has gone north to Ontario, Canada and the city of Toronto as part of the Luminato - Toronto Festival of the Arts + Creativity - the annual ten-day celebration of the arts where Toronto’s stages, streets, and public spaces are infused with theatre, dance, classical and contemporary music, film, literature, visual arts, and design.

Kurt sent an email alerting me that my efforts to spread the word about his amazing public art project is paying “playful” dividends!

——-Original Message——-
From: kurt perschke []
Sent: Friday, June 05, 2009 6:14 PM
To: Kevin Carroll
Subject: Toronto Day 1 - The KC crowd
Hey Kevin,
We just stared day one of RedBall Toronto and it turns out the first site was across the street from the Right To Play headquarters! Their board meeting turned into a RedBall day and they were out in full force, I would definitely say they ‘go it’. We also had a visit from a an intrepid group from Invesco Trimark, who said you had introduced them to the project in the last year, they were all over it - literally- and plan on catching some of the other sites.
Just wanted to give you a heads up and many thanks again for spreading the word.
best - kurt

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September 25, 2008 | Comment


I received this email from my good friend, Kurt Perschke, artist of note who is just concluding a month-long residence of the Red Ball Project in his hometown of Chicago.


A group of students came by today, your students, they drove two
hours into the city to see the project.  Said a guy named Kevin
talked to them in Arizona last winter and they’ve been waiting ever
since!  lots of signing the flipbooks (and one of your books which
felt a bit strange), and a whole lot of pictures. I was in a bunch so
only got a few myself.  these kids were great and still so filled
with their experience of you.  its an amazing thing you do my man.

just thought you should know. thurs is last day!  I think I’m leaving
the country and turning off the cell for a week.

best - kurt


BIG congrats, Kurt, for pulling off this month long marathon, the citywide inspirational-installation/media fest that the RBP has become.  And thanks for the heads up on the AZ students checking out the RB.  When people I’ve spoken to receive a takeaway that manifests in an action that helps keep alive what’s been opened up within them - its the best!  My mission is to be that kind of “Katalyst.” 

What’s your Red Rubber Ball?!

September 19, 2008 | Comment

You know what IT is.  From Fayth aka the Relaxocat, of the NBC5 (Chicago) Street Team:


The Red Ball is exactly that, but it stands 15 feet high, has a weight of 250 pounds, and is constructed of inflated vinyl. Not your average red ball.  It has been moved around within a number of cities in a number of countries, and in September it has been making guest appearances at locations around this city.  Among some of the previous locations are Millennium Park, the Spertus Institute, and the Grant Park underpass.  The next stop is Union Station at Jackson on Sept. 17th with other locations until the end of the month.  My friend and I (thanks for the photo, Paula!) visited the Red Ball at LaSalle and Wacker, but unfortunately I couldn’t nudge it since it was wedged up against the top of the bridge.


The RBP continues to wind its way through the streets of Chicago; follow the meandering ball here.

What’s your Red Rubber Ball?!

September 04, 2008 | Comment


Kurt Pershke, Red Ball Project creator is in Chicago shepherding his art piece through his hometown.  He filed this brief report earlier this week:

Millennium Park - Day One!

It was a great first day for RedBall in Chicago, and a long one. We had ABC and NBC out on site and thousands of people for the Labor Day weekend, and concert with Poi Dog Pondering sponsored by Target…

Kurt also let us know what the weekend schedule for the RRB looks like:

“September 5, 11 am—6 pm: Wishbone (1001 W Washington Blvd.)

September 6, 11 am—4 pm: Field Museum (1400 S. Lake Shore Drive)

September 7, 11 am—6 pm: Grant Park, Museum Campus pedestrian viaduct (under Lake Shore Drive at Roosevelt Rd.)”

If you’re in or near the Windy City, follow the link above to see the full schedule.

What’s your Red Rubber Ball?!