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August 01, 2010 | Comment

Meet three social innovation organizations that are part of the ever-evolving sport for social change movement - Right To Play, The Homeless World Cup & Beyond Sport. All three are making BIG, positive differences in communities around the world -
a BALL can change the world!

July 28, 2010 | Comment

The Changing Lives Through Football competition is open to all types of individuals and organizations (charitable organizations, private companies, or public entities) from all countries.
The winners of this Changemakers Collaborative Competition will be those entries that best meet the following criteria:
Innovation: The innovation should be a unique model of change demonstrating a substantial difference from other initiatives in the field with the possibility for large-scale expansion.
Social Impact: It is important that the innovative idea provides a system-changing solution for the field it addresses. This will be judged by considering the scale strategy, ability to be replicated, clear how-tos, and the entrant’s ability to formulate a clear “road map” to reaching larger goals.
Sustainability: For an innovation to be truly effective it must have a plan for how it will acquire financial and other bases of support for the long-term. They should also demonstrate that they have strong partnerships and support networks to address an ongoing need, and to aid in scalability and the maintenance of a clear financial strategy.

Love.Futbol got my vote!


May 27, 2010 | Comment

Anything is Possible from The Canary Collective on Vimeo.

In the summer of 2008, 30 students emerged from seven classroom trailers and courageously took to the field as a football team. Their field? An abandoned lot in the shadow of their hurricane-devastated high school. These students have inspired a group of young, ambitious individuals to resurrect a community and change the outcome of a forgotten neighborhood. Together we can prove that against formidable odds, a few people crazy enough to believe in their own power to create change can overcome a seemingly impossible challenge.

Learn More

Got Hope?!

May 23, 2010 | Comment

Photog: Marcus Swanson
An accomplished artist is given a unique project - capture the beauty & story of some “difficult” talent via oil painting. Learn about the artist - Jenny Harmon-Scott. Meet the “difficult” talent - KC’s “RedRubberBall” Collection. Hear a few stories of how a ball is changing the world & how an artist shares her genius via this unusual project.

Got Imagination?!


May 15, 2010 | Comment

Katalytic Sugarlump Fam’: KC, Kim, Keith & Kavina
Sugarlump Factory

Got Imagination?!

April 28, 2010 | Comment

Photog: Marcus Swanson/Swanson Studio
Cars. Planes. Bag tags. Hundreds of cities. Hotels. Room Service. Late Nite Prep. Early wake-up calls. Countless Events. Thousands of good SOULS met. Lights, Camera, PLAY!

A “redrubberball” (aka our passion) can take us on a wondrous, unexpected, joy-filled journey!


March 28, 2010 | Comment

2010 IIDA Pioneers in Design Award from Architecture for Humanity on Vimeo.

Architecture for Humanity/AFH is a nonprofit design services firm founded in 1999. We are building a more sustainable future through the power of professional design.

By tapping a network of more than 40,000 professionals willing to lend time and expertise to help those who would not otherwise be able to afford their services, we bring design, construction and development services where they are most critically needed.

Each year 10,000 people directly benefit from structures designed by Architecture for Humanity. Our advocacy, training and outreach programs impact an additional 50,000 people annually. We channel the resources of the global funding community to meaningful projects that make a difference locally. From conception to completion, we manage all aspects of the design and construction process. Our clients include community groups, aid organizations, housing developers, government agencies, corporate divisions, and foundations.

I’ve had the privilege of partnering twice with AFH: in 2004, donating a whole lotta soccer balls to their global Got Balls?! effort & in 2007, collaborating on the Siyathemba Project - Siyathemba offers a unique opportunity to bring together the positive aspects of sports with an innovative health outreach program in a setting designed with and for the youth of Somkhele, South Africa.
Congratulations to Cameron & his team at Architecture for Humanity!


March 22, 2010 | 1 comment

With all of my global “Up In The Air” time, I get to meet incredible people from all over the planet. I’ve heard stories about challenges & personal triumphs. I recently had the opportunity to assist Amy Stone (Florida Virtual Schools/Life Management Skills Instructor) in a random act of kindness, that had been five years in the making, for a special group of students at Cocoa Beach High School (FL). Enjoy the read…

I had been looking for years for a way to properly thank a group of students. A group of students that have been, for a lack of a better word, my red rubber balls.

In 2005 I was teaching 7th grade science at Cocoa Beach Jr/ Sr High School. That 04-05 school year, my husband and I discovered we were expecting our first child. It was magical time, made even more magical by those students. Sadly though, Kendal was born premature and with many unforeseen complications. Despite the best care at Arnold Palmer Hospital, she passed away at 10 days old. It was devastating.
During the months left in the school year where most adults did not know what to say or what to do, these 7th graders seemed to do and say all the right things. Using some of the phrases from Kevin’s book, the classroom became my sanctuary, a magical environment where my worries, grief, and hopelessness disappeared. Despite the huge hole left by the loss of Kendal, I was fueled by my days with my students and driven by hope. They were my reason to get out of bed, I would have done it for free, and they were my primal source of joy. Teaching was my playground and those students my red rubber ball.

Those students are now the class of 2010 at Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High School and it has always been my quest to find a special way to say thank you. A way to let them know of the difference they made in my life. Read: Amy’s Random “BOUNCE” of Kindness!

KC Note: In the spirit of Amy’s act of kindness for the CBHS Class of 2010 (aka KC’s CBFFs/Cocoa Beach Friends Fo’evah!), I challenged the students to perform a random act of kindness each day. I went one step further & asked a student to agree to create a Facebook group so that the students could post their acts & see how they are making a difference around them (BIG Thanks to Jordan!) - CBHS 2010 Acts of Kindness


March 17, 2010 | Comment

March Goodness

Razoo* is hosting their annual March Goodness Tournament where a select group of 96 nonprofits compete for grants based on fundraising through the Razoo giving network. 64 nonprofits are competing in our at-large competition “The Big Dance” in 4 regions; 32 small nonprofits are going head-to-head in “The RazooNIT”.
*[ra-zoo’]: (noun) a coin of little value; when combined, small contributions make a huge difference

How the Competition Works

Participating nonprofit organizations will be soliciting as many unique donors as possible through their March Goodness Project Pages linked through this site (click map above). We will track the number of donors and donations and post results live on the leader boards linked above. A visitor must make a donation (minimum $10) through the designated March Goodness Project Page (labeled MG2010) in order for it to count. Nonprofits will be ranked by unique donors to their official March Goodness Project Page for the first round.

For the Final Four portion of the Big Dance, the four regional winners will compete in the second round and will be ranked by total dollars raised during the Final Four eligibility period.

The RazooNIT is a one-round competition; the 32 competing nonprofits will be ranked by unique donors only.

Key Dates

  * March 15—30: Big Dance Regional Tournaments and RazooNIT
  * March 25: DC United Sweet 16
  * April 2—6: Big Dance Final Four

Follow all the goodness action via the MG2010 Blog and on Twitter - @MarchGoodness

The social goodwood will be abuzz with excitement as this make-a-difference & change-the-world tourney kicks-off this week! All of the MG2010 tourney teams have put in long hours of preparation & training for this shining moment. Everyone starts this “new season” with the hope of being crowned the Champion of Changemaking Champions - your assist is needed.

MG2010 East Region
MG2010 South Region
MG2010 Midwest Region
MG2010 West Region

It’s Change Time!

March 14, 2010 | 1 comment

What if you could not afford glasses? Would you be able to work? Read? Cook? Recognize your children? Would you be able to drive? How much would you be able to enjoy the things you cherish in your life?

According to the World Health Organization, 153 million people cannot see simply because they do not have access to corrective eyewear and/or cannot afford proper vision care. We have seen first hand what it is like for many of these children and adults to live without glasses. Children cannot see the blackboard clearly; as a result, they lose interest in school and hinder their chances of realizing their potential. For many adults, work is difficult to find and many everyday activities such as reading a book are not possible because these people simply cannot see clearly.

When a child receives a pair of glasses, suddenly the blackboard becomes clear. Schoolwork gets better. Participation in extracurricular activities gets better. Life gets better. For adults, finding work is easier. Books and newspapers become readable. Faces of loved ones become recognizable. The ability to commute gets better. Life gets better.

Something as small as a pair of glasses has the power to change a person’s life and open up a whole new world of possibilities.

141 Eyewear is the brilliant, Do-Gooder creation of Kyle Yamaguchi & Shu-Chu Wu. Kyle & I met back in 2006 at an event for Proctor & Gamble. He had plans to “chase” his dream of employment at Nike. He shared his dream with me - his “chase” was courageous to me. His words conjured up something that my grandmother/Mom-Mom always said, “a closed mouth don’t get fed. you gotta open up your mouth and tell someone what you want!” Kyle opened his mouth in a Cincy conference room & because of his random-act-of-courage, I decided to conspire with him & I shared a few Nike connections. He took the initiative and… tahh-dahh…he’s been working at Nike for over three years!

We reconnected last week in a small cafe in NW Stumptown (aka Portland). Kyle recalled our chance meeting of four years ago & the catalytic impact it had on his life - I was humbled by his gratitude. Then he shared the news of his BIG, life-changing work - giving better sight & vision to young people around the globe! I’m truly inspired by his vision & I have no doubt that many of you will be as well!

Give a looksee & join 141 Eyewear’s movement to change the way a child (literally) sees the world…You BUY, We GIVE. 141!
(Katalyst Note: I bought a pair of glasses right after our meeting & 141 is giving a pair away!)

Got Vision?!

January 31, 2010 | Comment

A Play It Forward* tale from one of the many global human catalysts making a positive impact on the lives of others with a ball - thanks, Beth McGill! Her story is another wonderful demonstration of the transformational power of sport & how a “ball can change the world!”
*A special thanks & shoutout to: Joanne, Paul, Brian & Julie for your contributions to this Play It Forward moment!

Hello Kevin,

The balls were an absolute hit and the little ones started digging into the balls instantly.  Fifteen of the balls are being used for the HIV education program, 4 are being used for the local street leagues and soccer tournaments held on the weekend and the final ball I personally delivered to a very small squatter community.  The children were trying to play soccer with a flat rugby ball so I found a mother that I designated as the ball care taker and she is currently letting the kids play all day and bringing the ball in at night.  Such a great gift and I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to bring them over to South Africa.

September brought only smiles in the smallest of ways to a rural community in South Africa. Thanks to Molten USA and Kevin Carroll, 20 soccer balls were delivered to Richmond, South Africa through the Hope In Richmond (HIR) organization to continue the youth HIV and sports education programs.  The soccer balls are being used at the community center for after school sports programs, used in HIV education activities, and also were given out to smaller areas for the kids to participate in friendly sport.

  Richmond, South Africa is home to 9,000 South Africans with unemployment exceeding 70% and HIV/AIDS infection rates estimated at 35% .  HIR adopted the small community in 2005 and, to date, has renovated the soccer facilities creating a community center with a soup kitchen, indoor and outdoor recreational areas, meeting spaces, a youth library, improved sanitation for the community, and provided medical supplies and equipment for the local hospital.  On the last HIR trip to Richmond, I was privileged to deliver 20 new Molten soccer balls to support our local Grassroot Soccer HIV program which teaches the youth HIV/AIDS education through interactive activities often involving soccer balls.  The Grassroot Soccer Skillz curriculum also provides youth with the knowledge, life skills and support to live healthier lives, HIV Free.

HIR staff and children attending the community center were ecstatic to see the brand new beautiful balls to replace their popped soccer balls which did not survive the desert terrain. September_SA_2009_1_.JPG Even with all the despair and hardship that surrounds the African people, they still find time to laugh, play, and sing. Sometimes something as small and as simple as a soccer ball can bring smiles and laughter to a community in need.

On behalf of the community of Richmond and HIR, special thanks to Kevin Carroll and to Molten for donating soccer balls to a community and education program dedicated to enriching the lives of the people of Richmond, South Africa.



Got Play?!

January 19, 2010 | Comment

There are 12 categories for the Beyond Sport Awards 2010 covering the entire sporting spectrum of
health, social inclusion, corporate and social responsibility, and philanthropy.

These categories are split into three clear sections
Beyond Sport Community Awards; Corporation and Federation Awards; and the Judges’ Awards.

The Shortlisted entries from each category will receive:
A free invitation to the Beyond Sport Summit on September 27-30 in Chicago

Flights to and accommodation during the Summit

Access to Beyond Sport’s global network of international sports organisations, company leaders, and influential political figures

Opportunities for business mentoring and to become members of the most influential group of social entrepreneurs ever assembled around sport

The winners of the six Beyond Sport Community Awards will receive a minimum of £10,000 funding each
and a package of substantial business support to enable them to move forward and become fully sustainable in the future.

Learn more - Beyond Sport Awards 2010


January 16, 2010 | Comment

On January, 18, 2010, people of all ages and backgrounds will come together to improve lives, bridge social barriers, and move our nation closer to the “Beloved Community” that Dr. King envisioned. Dr. Martin Luther King devoted his life’s work to causes of equality and social justice. He taught that through nonviolence and service to one another, problems such as hunger and homelessness, prejudice and discrimination can be overcome. Dr. King’s teachings can continue to guide us in addressing our nation’s most pressing needs—-poverty, economic insecurity, job loss and education. Volunteer with Americans across the nation on the 2010 King Day of Service and make a real difference in your community.

Learn More…

Play It Forward BONUS: if your MLK day of service effort involves play or sport in your community, share your story on my site & earn the chance to receive a custom KC playground ball , soccer ball or basketball!!


January 16, 2010 | Comment

About the Alliance for a Healthier Generation:
The American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation joined forces in May of 2005 to create a healthier generation by addressing one of the nation’s leading public health threats—childhood obesity. Along with our co-leader Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, the Alliance works to positively affect the places that can make a difference to a child’s health: homes, schools, restaurants, doctor’s offices and communities.

A catalytic equation for making a difference:
KC + The Alliance + Little Rock, AR + The Clinton Presidential Library = an inspiring gathering of like-minded, social innovators (aka social do-gooders) who intend to positively impact GenNext!

Got HOPE?!

December 18, 2009 | Comment

Girls Kick It!
Photog:Fran Meckler

A Ball Can change The World! features inspiring images captured by Fran Meckler* from three events/projects that are part of the global sport for social change movement. Featured in Fran’s images are:
Girls Kick It! - Namuwongo, Uganda; The 2009 USA Cup - Washington, DC; The 2009 Homeless World Cup - Milan, Italy.

*Fran & I were connected via my freind & fellow social-do-gooder Jeremy Goldberg, Founder of Global Youth Partnership for Africa this year - thanks, JMG!

Got Hope?!

December 14, 2009 | 1 comment

Graffiti Courtesy of The Red Rubber Ball Company/UK

Enjoy Your Chase!

December 01, 2009 | Comment

On Monday, November 30th at Niketown London, NIKE, Bono and Didier Drogba, arguably the world’s best striker, came together to launch a partnership between Nike and (RED)?. NIKE and (RED) together will leverage the power of sport to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.

The idea is simple: Educate + Medicate

How it works

  1. You purchase (NIKE)RED laces.
  2. Nike contribute 100% of the profits from the sale to the Global Fund and to football-based programs that help fight AIDS in Africa.
  3. Funds are received by programs like Grassroots Soccer, which uses football as a framework to teach youths how to avoid contracting HIV/AIDS.
  4. Funds are also contributed to The Global Fund to fund HIV/AIDS programs that support the purchase of lifesaving Antiretroviral (ARV) medication, training of medical staff, HIV testing and treatment to help prevent the transmission of the virus from pregnant mothers to their babies.
  5. Life-saving knowledge is received by the next generation in Africa.

Since its inception, (RED)? partners and events have generated over £80 million to the Global Fund and the number keeps growing.

Lace Up/Educate…


November 24, 2009 | Comment

A Ball Can & Will Change the World!

See how: Beyond Sport World

Got PLAY?!

November 13, 2009 | 1 comment

Photo: Tom White for The New York Times
The Chess-in-the-Schools program has sought to foster analytical skills on the theory that these will help students succeed academically. The group teaches 20,000 children a year and calculates that it has taught 425,000 children since 1986. Children gather to learn the game at the group’s headquarters in Manhattan.

On the plane ride back from Blacksburg, VA & my exhilarating visit on the campus of Virgina Tech (among my highlights was a java chat with Nikki Giovanni!), I read a great story in the NY Times/Giving Section about Marley Kaplan & the Chess-in-the-Schools program. After becoming disenchanted with her career/life in the banking world she made a decision to pursue work in the world of “making a difference” aka the non-profit sector - read more!

This story will serve to further embolden the efforts of “social do-gooders” (me included) who have accepted their “calling” to be human catalysts and make a difference in the lives of others.

BTW, back-in-the-day my older brother (Donnie) used me as his chess practice “victim” to hone his game strategies, skills and moves - I learned how to concede gracefully!!

Got Hope?!

October 29, 2009 | Comment


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.
In the fell clutch of circumstance      
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.
Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.
It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.
- William Ernest Henley

I know the story. The 1995 Rugby World Cup. South Africa’s improbable run to the final match. Mandela’s beleif in sport’s unifying ability. I heard about this remarkable, power of sport moment from Archbishop Desmond Tutu at The Beyond Sport Summit. Archbishop Tutu said that it was a transformational moment for all of South Africa. He exuberantly shared the story of how he witnessed sport’s ability to make a positive difference in his nation!

A BALL Can Change the World!

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