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June 21, 2009 | Comment

Two simple words that were shared by the “human catalyst” in my life, Phyllis Lane (aka Miz Lane). Miz Lane has provided me with inspiration and guidance for over 40 years. One of the greatest “gifts” that Miz Lane gave me was permission to dream BIG by her simple, direct, two-word response to any of my life queries - Why Not?!

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September 01, 2008 | 14 comments


My wife, Kim and daughter Kavina decided to throw an online birthday party for me.  Somehow they infiltrated the high security cordon that I maintain around my contact list, emailed a bunch of folks and (knowing I really don’t like surprise parties) asked them to join this beautiful, eco-friendly virtual gathering on the world wide web.  It was such a clever, heartfelt gift that has sent tons of luv my way.  I’ve received messages and phone calls from people that I haven’t heard from in years and my Facebook page is looking like the stock exchange on a heavy trading day.

If you’ve read my website at all, you know that the fabulous Miz Lane is so much more than a mentor.  Recently she told me: “so many of your friends have passed away, been incarcerated or are on drugs…the fact that you’ve made it to 50 is a BIG deal!”

In that spirit, I decided to reflect on my years on the planet…hopefully, my memories will trigger some of your own.

50 years & 100 Memoriesâ?¦

Short thoughts from a FULL Life

â?˘ “Oh the places you’ll GOâ?¦” - Nomad since 1958. Abandonment begins from birth and @ 1 y/o I’m living with my Aunt Sandy for over a year.


â?˘ (2) Fighter - The taxi ride to Bryn Mawr Hospital for emergency hernia surgery at nearly 3 y/o (I’m told it was a near death moment for me). My Dad is gone by now & never returns.
â?˘ (3) Homeless Child—from birth â??til the age of 6 y/o, there was no permanent dwelling for us and we slept in cars, on porches, and in the houses of strangers (my Mom’s drinking buddies).
â?˘ (4) “Daycare”—sitting on the lap of my Mom in the dark, dank atmosphere of a bar (in the middle of the day) and the oh-so-familiar smell of cigarettes and liquor.
â?˘ (5) Daddy fill-in-the-blank—“Daddy” Jackie, “Daddy” Fortune, “Daddy” whatever his name may be. My mom insists that we call all of her “Seagram’s suitors”â?¦Daddy.
â?˘ (6) One GIANT leap for the USA!—it’s 1961, I’m nearly 3 y/o and I’m being told to sit in the living room, in front of the B&W TV (with a cloths hanger used for the “rabbit ears”) at my grandparent’s house, when JFK delivers his “man on the moon” proclamation to the nation. In the years to follow and with every evening news update I watched â??til the “giant leap” in 1969, I can remember countless times looking up into the heavens at the moon and being bewildered about how someone could possibly travel that far?! It was my first, tangible example of the power of dreaming big and turning an idea into a reality!

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