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March 24, 2009 | Comment


I’m heading to Denver for a quick trip to meet with Nick Keller, Founder of Beyond Sport. He’s attending the 2009 sportaccord Conference and he will holding a press conference pertaining to the Beyond Sport Summit taking place in London July 7-9, 2009 - I will be acting as the Beyond Sport Summit MC/Master of Catalyzing!

About sportaccord: it’s a 5-day gathering of 1500 leading representatives from international sport. The annual convention is held in a different country each year and encompasses the Congress and General Assemblies of over 100 international sports federations and their related associations. Its mission is to offer the sports community a powerful opportunity to come together on a global scale, in an exclusive and authoritative networking environment, to build relationships, share knowledge and develop ideas.

A Ball Can Change Your Life!

March 22, 2009 | Comment

Photo Courtesy of Eric Howell

I met Eric Howell last year in Phoenix at an event and he shared his passion for his film project with me backstage. He followed up with an email and I quickly became a member of his creative support network.

From: Eric Howell
Date: July 14, 2008 12:39:10 PM CDT
To: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Subject: Ana’s Playground (Jostens Mtg.)

Hello Kevin.

Thank you for taking a few moments with me back stage at the Josten’s meeting.  Ana’s Playground has been a dream I’ve been working on for 7 years, and if you’ve had a chance to look at the information packet, you will see why I was excited to share it with you. Serendipity.

Eric Howell

2,000 Children are killed or injured in war everyday.
Help Make a Movie.
Help Make a Difference.

Mission Statement
Our intent is to produce an Oscar-worthy short film that will raise the maximum amount of awareness about war affected children by screening to the broadest audience possible. As well, we will use the film to highlight and promote those organizations working to improve the lives of children who have experienced political violence.

About Ana/Story Synopsis

“Ana’s Playground” reveals a tragic moment when children are brought to the brink of destruction and connection, ideology and humanity.

When 13 year-old Ana is chosen to retrieve the children’s soccer ball within the kill zone of a sniper, she finds a fleeting bond with her enemy despite the deadly cat-and-mouse game they must play.

In a moment of humanity, the sniper reveals the connection between children - even when caught in warfare. However, war wins this game with the ultimate loss of innocence that cannot be avoided in violent conflict.

See the film’s trailer
See More Pics
Visit the website


March 17, 2009 | 1 comment

Photog: Jesse Jordan/ Artist: Caitlin Beidler

National Safe Place/NSP is truly a catalyst in the movement to better the lives of young people in difficult situations. I had the opportunity to speak at the 2008 NSP Conference that coincided with the 25th anniversary -
the NSP team and leadership truly inspired me!

Check out more pics of the NSP Community Catalysts: NSP 2008 Conference

March 11, 2009 | 1 comment


Dr. Stuart Brown (founder of the National Institute for Play + a great friend + human catalyst) shares is phenomenal knowledge, research, and play wisdom in his recently released book - PLAY.

Read it, Heed it + GO PLAY!


March 04, 2009 | 1 comment


National RECESS Week

Get out + PLAY!


February 24, 2009 | Comment

Photog: JMG

Another recent article reiterates the serious necessity for recess + play for students (I would argue for EVERYONE!) to be at their educational best. Read + Heed the advice in this NYT Health article! Note: Dr. Stuart Brown, National Institute for Play, shares his wonderful insights and research in the NYT article


February 23, 2009 | Comment

In this episode of The Katalyst, Kevin is joined by his friend and colleague Meg Daly, who has worked with Kevin as an editor on several books and a creative collaborator on projects. Kevin will allow the listener to “eavesdrop” on his thoughts and conversations about inspiration, life and his work as an author, speaker and human catalyst.

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February 20, 2009 | Comment


What would you do if an unusual opportunity was presented to you in the the form of a…Double-Dog-Dare?!

Would you accept the challenge? Would you ignore it and be haunted by your fearful behavior? Challenges abound in our lives - especially now. Courage is in HIGH demand.

Well, today @130p pacific time, I will be playing a man by the name of Kevin Ward who flew in from the “Windy City” (aka Chicago) to challenge me, via a Double-Dog-Dare, to some hoops. If he is the victor, the reward is 30 days of mentoring from me. If he takes a loss, he will do 30 days of charitable work in his community. Win-WIN!

The terms + games were set by me - home court advantage. Agreed upon by KevinW.

So, It’s ON in PDX at the NorthEast Community Center today! Stay tuned + keep chasin’...

February 16, 2009 | Comment

In this episode of The Katalyst, Kevin is joined by his friend and colleague Meg Daly, who has worked with Kevin as an editor on several books and a creative collaborator on projects. Kevin will allow the listener to “eavesdrop” on his thoughts and conversations about inspiration, life and his work as an author, speaker and human catalyst.

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January 30, 2009 | Comment


—at my first football practice, as a 5th grader at Coopertown Elementary School, I was lined up in “the Pit” drill vs. Lon Claney a 6th grader and he was like Troy Polamalu is for the Steelers - Lon Claney brought the pain!
5th grader/running back vs. 6th grader/defensive back…whistle…KRRAAACK!...he absolutely drilled me…slobberknocked! As I lay on the ground, gasping for any air I could suck into my heaving lungs and still clutching onto the football (at least I didn’t fumble the ball), my coach knelt down and screamed into my helmet’s earhole at me and for all the other players to hear/heed, “here’s a lesson that all football players need to know Carroll… the difference between being “hurt” ( it’s only temporary pain) & injured (no way you can continue) - which one are YOU?! Of course I couldn’t say a word because I was frantically trying to recall how to breath. My coach told me that I was ONLY hurt - lesson learned!

TD #1 - 5th grade game vs Oakmont ES; memorable play: Quick Pitch/Right; Scampered to the end zone untouched and ran “scared” the whole way—with my “slobberknocked” memory fresh in my head!
(note: I had to wear jersey #55 the whole season to honor an injured player on the 6th grade team. I had to give up my coveted #22 jersey that I wore to emulate the Dallas Cowboys Bob Hayes). 

Watching football games always conjure up some of my early memories of the game that introduced me to organized sports. I took a lot of lessons from playing on the gridiron that helped shape my understanding of being a part of a team. Lessons like: support each other, you win as a team and/or lose AS a team, it’s not about YOU it’s all about the TEAM. Lessons that I still follow today. Do you have any positive and enduring lessons that you can recall from sport?!

Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday and enjoy your chase…


January 26, 2009 | Comment


My great friend and fellow sufferer of the “Basketball Jones” malady,  Marshall Cho, sent me a great update today about his human catalyst efforts in Mozambique using hoops as a tool to transform lives. Enjoy the latest email update from my man, Mozambique Marshall - “Hoops LUV”


December 26, 2008 | Comment

From the ‘Gamechangers’ website:

“Change the Game for Women in Sports.

Together we can overcome any barrier. We can create opportunities for women to win. And the freedom to try.

Gamechangers is a competition and community in one. Its a contest of ideas to level the playing field. Share your stories. Let use know about people and organizations beating the odds.

Enter your ideas. Win $5,000 and speak to people with the resources to bring your ideas to life. “

Go here for more information.  And be a game changer. 

What’s your Red Rubber Ball?!

December 08, 2008 | Comment

Victorious Afghanistan, won 5 goals to 4 over defending champion Russia at the 2008 Homeless World Cup in Melbourne, Australia.

Photo courtesy of ABC

The Women’s Champions of the World: Zambia.  They defeated Liberia, 7-1.

Photo courtesy of AFP/Getty

Congratulations as well to the Ugandan women’s team which finished in 5th Place.  Angel Taka of Team Gomo Tong “was awarded the Nike Fair Play Award, given to the player who best embodies the spirit of the 2008 Homeless World Cup.”

What’s your Red Rubber Ball?!

December 03, 2008 | Comment


The Melbourne, Australia edition of the Homeless World Cup is in full affect.  The HWC website had a very nice post and video stream about a workshop that I conducted for the players in this year’s games.  Have a look and follow this link to get the full story: 

Scoring goals on and off the field

Posted on 02/12/2008

By Tim Beissmann

â??Goal’ was certainly the buzz word during the opening day of the 2008 Homeless World Cup.

On the pitches, the players slammed miraculous strikes into the back of the net, making a perfect start in their pursuit of the week’s top prize.

But the most important goals were those shared by the players at the Scoring Your Dream Goal workshops run by motivational speaker Kevin Carroll at BMW Edge theatre.

The workshops encouraged the players set personal goals and think about how they would achieve their dreams, then write them down and share them with the room.

“It is not enough to have an idea in your head. You need to share it. That takes courage. That is your challenge,” said Kevin.

He said it was not important how the goal was written or spelt.  It was the action of writing it down which truly symbolised the intention to achieve it.

Kevin, who was abandoned by his drug-addicted parents when he was just six, told how discovering football as a child had changed his life, just as it had for the players of the Homeless World Cup.

“A ball can save a life. That is why every time you see that ball go in the back of the net this week, you will think about your dreams. Just as that player has reached their goal, you too will think of how you will reach yours.”

Everyone at the workshops received wristbands with the word DREAM inscribed on them, which represented the values of Dedication, Responsibility, Education, Attitude, and Motivation.

Speaking at his third Homeless World Cup, Kevin acknowledged that the road to achieving dreams was a difficult one, but also a highly rewarding one.

“It will not be easy,” he said. “But anything worth having takes dedication, time and effort.”

He told the players: “Your circumstances do not dictate your future”, and said he was living proof of that.

One Zimbabwean player said his goals were to play professional soccer for his local team in Zimbabwe, build a house for his homeless family, start up a soccer academy for the young people in his community and take care of and empower the orphans back at home.

Others simply wanted to do the best they could for their country in Melbourne and be able to return home with renewed pride and enthusiasm for life.

Kevin said he was greatly honoured to be in the presence of such leadership, and challenged the players to take those values home with them after the tournament concluded on December 7.

“You are all ambassadors.  Make a commitment to your dreams, your goals, and your futures.”

What’s your Red Rubber Ball?!

November 28, 2008 | Comment

Team Argentina arrives (today) at the soccer pitch in Melbourne, Australia, site of the 2008 Homeless World Cup.

Here are the scheduled activities for Day One in Melbourne: 

Monday, December 1

  *Homeless World Cup Street Parade 12.15—1pm, Starts at the corner of Exhibition and Collins Streets and then turns left down Swanston St, ending at Federation Square. The streets of Melbourne’s centre will be a sea of colour and excitement as 56 teams proudly carry their flags and display their spirit and passion for the tournament that changes lives.
  *Opening Ceremony 1-1.45pm, Federation Square Stadium. The official opening of the Melbourne 2008 Homeless World Cup with speakers the Premier of Victoria, Mr John Brumby, founder and president, Homeless World Cup, Mel Young, and Australian Street Soccer Advisory Group chairman, Terry Campbell. Also featuring live music and dance. As a symbol of peace, 56 trees will be passed out, each representing one of the 56 teams.
  *Opening Match—Team Australia 2.15pm kick off, Federation Square Stadium, Australia v. TBA (to be decided at the match draw) Homeless World Cup matches 2.15-6.15pm. Check daily match schedule for details. Federation Square Stadium, Melbourne and Yarra pitches, Birrarung Marr.

Stay tuned for our exclusive reports from Melbourne!

What’s your Red Rubber Ball?!

November 21, 2008 | Comment


One of the sponsors of this year’s Homeless World Cup - which features the first ever “Women’s World Cup” - is an organization called Women Win.

Women Win is the first ever international women’s fund that supports sport and physical activities as instruments for social change and women’s empowerment…Women Win believes that sport is the way for women and girls to learn leadership skills, develop character, self-esteem and a sense of belonging, while at the same time discover the fun, support and power of being together.

Sport provides a social network that women often lack.

It’s by joining a team, learning to lose, win, and achieve under pressure, that she can cultivate the necessary skills to be a future leader of her community.

Be sure to track the results of the women competing in Melbourne, Australia at this year’s Homeless World Cup right here at the KCK blog. 

What’s your Red Rubber Ball?!

November 07, 2008 | 1 comment


Our colleague from Global Youth Partnership for Africa and Girls Kick It! fame, Anna Phillips, was recently interviewed by the folks over at Youth Noise.  Check out this excerpt: 

Youth Noise

Interview With Anna Phillips, Founder of Girls Kick It!

A few days ago, I had the chance to talk to Anna Phillips, the incredible 22-year-old founder of Girls Kick It!—a comprehensive sports program for young women in northern Uganda. Anna created Girls Kick It! with the help of Global Youth Partnership for Africa (GYPA) to empower and educate women, many of whom have been affected by war and poverty, through sportsâ?¦

“Me: How did Girls Kick It! get started?

Anna: It got started because I grew up playing sports in middle school and high school. I wrestled and played rugby. I decided to major in human rights at George Washington University after traveling to Africa the summer before I started school. It was a self-designed major that allowed me a lot of flexibility in the classes I was able to take. 

Then in January 2006, I got a chance to combine my passion for sports and human rights. I went to the Global Youth Partnership for Africa’s youth summit in Uganda. GYPA brought together American and Ugandan youth leaders who were interested and passionate about HIV/AIDS, women’s issues and reconciliation. After the summit, I worked with GYPA to create a sports programs specifically for women. There were programs where women are involved, but nothing specifically for them. With the help and support of GYPA I was able to find amazing mentors and resources to create Girls Kick It! In particular, the advice of Awista Ayub, a phenomenal woman who created a girls soccer program in Afghanistan, helped me in the early planning stages. The sports for social change movement is relatively small, and everyone was willing to help and meet with meâ?¦”

The sports for social change movement may be small compared to other initiatives that seek to foment change in people’s lives.  But the use of sport as a social change agent is happening on just about every continent.  I am confident that more young people like Anna will continue to make the connection between their individual, athletic/creative talents and using those gifts in non-traditional ways that benefit other people. 


What’s your Red Rubber Ball?!

November 03, 2008 | 1 comment

The Red Rubber Ball at Work:  Elevate Your Game Through the Hidden Power of Play is my third book (Rules of the Red Rubber Ball, What’s Your Red Rubber Ball?!), newly published and released by the McGraw Hill Company.


Read my publisher’s note about the book:

How do you ignite creativity, problem solving, and risk taking to score big in business? According to bestselling author Kevin Carroll, it’s child’s play!

Former 76ers athletic trainer Kevin Carroll, has turned his childhood passion for playing ball into a bestselling franchise. In this fun and thoughtful follow-up to his bestselling Rules of the Red Rubber Ball (2007), Carroll switches the playing field to the workplace, where innovation, motivation, engagement, and teamwork are the headline issues. Drawing on “play profiles” from thought leaders, change agents, and business leaders, he explains how to bring a sense of play into the workplace to stimulate creativity, encourage risk-taking, achieve goals—and have a great time doing it.

Fully illustrated, with 31 profiles of successful “players” including ESPN president George Bodenheimer, bestselling authors Seth Grodin and Malcolm Gladwell, Food Network host Duff Goldman, South Bronx activist Majora Carter, renowned author Paulo Coehlo, and many others.

We also have a companion website for RRB@Work, which features a great deal of multimedia content, including videos documenting the interviews that form the basis of this book.  I encourage you to follow the link and pay us a visit!

What’s your Red Rubber Ball?!

November 03, 2008 | 1 comment


Who is Global Giving?

“GlobalGiving is an online marketplace that connects you to the causes and countries you care about. You select the projects you want to support, make a tax-deductible contribution, and get regular progress updates - so you can see your impact.”


One of this year’s Global Giving causes is the Homeless World Cup which will feature the first Women’s HWC tournament, composed of eight teams and perhaps 100 women.  Many of these teams will need help with transportation, equipment and the like.  Follow the link above to see how Global Giving is helping raise funds to ensure that each participating women’s team is able to concentrate on scoring goals and not soccer cleats or plane fare.


What’s your Red Rubber Ball?!

October 24, 2008 | Comment


A little over a year ago, we carried a piece on KCK blog written by a friend of mine, Drew Chafetz, about his social entrepreneurial endeavor, Luv Futbol!  Drew builds soccer fields in impoverished communities around the world. 

The Washington Post recently had an article on Drew and this concept of social entrepreneurship taking root in Generation Next: young people forgoing the corporate, high prestige track for the more uncertain but fulfilling non-profit track of working to uplift communities hard hit by poverty or war.  Check out the excerpt below: 

“Getting Kicks from His Career
Drew Chafetz, 25, still lives in his parents’ basement in Northwest—but he’s no slacker.

By Ian Shapira
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Drew Chafetz, 25, a graduate of the private Maret School with a degree in economics from the University of Colorado, makes no money. He lives with his parents in Northwest Washington, sleeping in the same poster-filled basement room of his teenage years. For breaks, he moseys outside in his slippers and kicks around a soccer ball, pretending the garage is a goal.

But Chafetz, despite failure-to-launch appearances, is no slacker. He is actually on an alternative achievement track popular with his generation: social entrepreneurship. Using cheap Internet phone service and free coffee-shop wireless, Chafetz works full time on a project he founded called love.fĂştbol. The nonprofit organization helps build low-maintenance soccer fields in Guatemalan communities where children often have no place to play except garbage-strewn lots or hard-to-reach fields.”

Read the entire article here.

If you give kids who are hemmed in by poverty a safe place to play, they can dream - bigger, brighter dreams.  They come to believe in possibilities beyond what they see around them.  Drew and other social entrepreneurs are directing their attention to the next generation and the need to keep real hope alive in them at the most fundamental level:  Play!

What’s your Red Rubber Ball?!

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