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June 22, 2012 | Comment

From Mexican jungles to the small-town gridirons of Ohio, from medieval villages and royal courts to modern soccer pitches and baseball parks, The Ball by John Fox explores the little known origins of our favorite sports, and how a simple invention like the ball has come through time to stake an unrivaled claim on our passions, our money, and our lives.

This I Know To Be True...Sport and play are common human denominators and equalizers.  No matter where you go in the world - regardless of socioeconomic, political or religious system - we ALL PLAY + we ALL SPEAK BALL. Stories abound about the use of sport and play as social innovation tools versus foes of the human condition - HIV/AIDS, gender equity, social inclusion, homelessness, literacy, natural disaster, conflict and many others.  Sport and play are ever-present throughout our world and there are human catalysts who utilize it to inspire change and action.

The Ball provides more literary proof that play is serious business!

Enjoy The Read…