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March 06, 2009 | Comment


About JR: JR is 25 years old and owns the largest art gallery in the world. He exhibits his arts freely in the streets, attracting people who are usually not visiting museums. His work is a mix of art and action, reflecting the concepts of political involvement, freedom, identity and boundary. He describes himself as an “artivist”, a condense of artist and activist. With his 28 mm lens, with people wincing, huge posters and his anonymity, the photographer does not give any interpretation and leave a free space to allow the subject/actor and the bystander/interpreter to meet. With the surprise and the questions that JR is raising, each of us can review our own thoughts and free ourselves from stereotypes and prejudices. This is all JR’s work: to ask questionsâ?¦
The 3rd step of the 28 mm lens project, Women Are Heroes, was directed in Africa, in post-war zones. JR took photography of women of whom he wanted to share their painful stories and to testify their urge for life. The women’s portraits have been exhibited in Sierra Leone and Liberia.
To see more of JR’s projects visit: JR Art

February 07, 2009 | Comment

Building on the success of the first “Sport for a Better World Competition”, Ashoka’s Changemakers and Nike join forces once again to launch “GameChangers: Change the Game for Women in Sport”.

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January 15, 2009 | Comment

Building on the success of the first “Sport for a Better World Competition”, Nike and Ashoka’s Changemakers join forces once again to launch “GameChangers: Change the Game for Women in Sport”.



December 26, 2008 | Comment

From the ‘Gamechangers’ website:

“Change the Game for Women in Sports.

Together we can overcome any barrier. We can create opportunities for women to win. And the freedom to try.

Gamechangers is a competition and community in one. Its a contest of ideas to level the playing field. Share your stories. Let use know about people and organizations beating the odds.

Enter your ideas. Win $5,000 and speak to people with the resources to bring your ideas to life. “

Go here for more information.  And be a game changer. 

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December 08, 2008 | Comment

Victorious Afghanistan, won 5 goals to 4 over defending champion Russia at the 2008 Homeless World Cup in Melbourne, Australia.

Photo courtesy of ABC

The Women’s Champions of the World: Zambia.  They defeated Liberia, 7-1.

Photo courtesy of AFP/Getty

Congratulations as well to the Ugandan women’s team which finished in 5th Place.  Angel Taka of Team Gomo Tong “was awarded the Nike Fair Play Award, given to the player who best embodies the spirit of the 2008 Homeless World Cup.”

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December 01, 2008 | Comment

Team Gomo Tong of Uganda is fielding a women’s team for this year’s first ever “Women’s Homeless World Cup” tournament.  Here are several of the team members in candid shots provided by Ms. Anna Phillips of Girls Kick It! and Global Youth Partnership for Africa.


The games have begun; follow the link above (Women’s HWC) for up to the minute info and stay tuned here for updates on the team’s progress.

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November 21, 2008 | Comment


One of the sponsors of this year’s Homeless World Cup - which features the first ever “Women’s World Cup” - is an organization called Women Win.

Women Win is the first ever international women’s fund that supports sport and physical activities as instruments for social change and women’s empowerment…Women Win believes that sport is the way for women and girls to learn leadership skills, develop character, self-esteem and a sense of belonging, while at the same time discover the fun, support and power of being together.

Sport provides a social network that women often lack.

It’s by joining a team, learning to lose, win, and achieve under pressure, that she can cultivate the necessary skills to be a future leader of her community.

Be sure to track the results of the women competing in Melbourne, Australia at this year’s Homeless World Cup right here at the KCK blog. 

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November 03, 2008 | 1 comment


Who is Global Giving?

“GlobalGiving is an online marketplace that connects you to the causes and countries you care about. You select the projects you want to support, make a tax-deductible contribution, and get regular progress updates - so you can see your impact.”


One of this year’s Global Giving causes is the Homeless World Cup which will feature the first Women’s HWC tournament, composed of eight teams and perhaps 100 women.  Many of these teams will need help with transportation, equipment and the like.  Follow the link above to see how Global Giving is helping raise funds to ensure that each participating women’s team is able to concentrate on scoring goals and not soccer cleats or plane fare.


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August 28, 2008 | Comment

Team Columbia


Thursday 28 August 2008


â?˘ 100 days until the Melbourne 2008 Homeless World Cup
â?˘ 56 nations make Melbourne 2008 the biggest Homeless World Cup ever
â?˘ Women’s Cup is a first in Homeless World Cup history
â?˘ Legacy of 30 street soccer programs rolled out across Australia
â?˘ National ambassadors unveiled

In just under 100 days, Melbourne’s Federation Square and Birrarung Marr will come alive with the grit, spirit and glory of one of the world’s most unique international sporting events—the Melbourne 2008 Homeless World Cup.

From December 1-7, 2008, 56 nations will unite in Melbourne for the biggest Homeless World Cup tournament ever, including the first Women’s Cup.

Women are making strides this year on many fronts and here’s another first: the Homeless World Cup is having its first ever Women’s Cup!  Women have always been a part of the Cup,but rarely did they get the playing time.  They would sit on the sideline and every now and then, if the game was a rout, a woman would get in at garbage time.  No more.  The women of the Homeless World Cup have their own thing this year and the spotlight, now, will shine firmly on them.  And one thing I can tell you from experience: these women can PLAY!

(Follow the link below to read the entire HWC press release)


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August 21, 2008 | Comment

Thursday Shoutout is our time to feature those who are fighting the good fight using sport and play for social change.  And giving thanks to those who have given us luv on their websites.  This is our way of saying: Backatcha!


From the Right to Play website:


$20,000 Donation to Right To Play Made Through Hearts Of Gold Program

BEIJING, CHINA (August 12, 2008)—The Olympic gold medal Natalie Coughlin won today for the Women’s 100m backstroke at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will have a longstanding impact not only for Team U.S.A., but for children in need throughout the world. Through the Johnson & Johnson Hearts of Gold program, the Company will make a $20,000 donation on behalf of Coughlin to international humanitarian organization Right To Play.

When given a platform as large as the Olympics, the temptation for the young athlete may be to focus on self, on me and my accomplishments.  This is completely understandable.  And then there are those players who are able to step back from the boozy glow of success and find a way to share their success’s reward.  Right to Play is an organization that helps world class athletes share their success with youth living in dire circumstances all over the globe.


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