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Photog: Bryan Scott

All of those clandestine tweets that I’ve been posting over the past 6 weeks referring to my cello, were leading up to a BIG moment for me at MIS09 - I played a little bit of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida with the MIS09 house band led by Danny Dukes for my intro!

The 30 seconds was an unbelievable moment (and a bit of a emotional blur) of producing a jazzy cacophony that was hopefully pleasant to the audience’s ears.

I can honestly say that all of the work I put in to play the 30 second piece was challenging, uplifting, necessary, enlightening. Here’s a few of the valuable lessons I took away from my experience with the “soulful” instrument:

Practice, Practice, Practice!
- 30 days of intense cello instruction with my long-time teacher, Dorien de León, was amazing and rigorous.

Gimme 20! - a cellist truly uses different muscle groups to properly play the “BIG fiddle!”

Cellist Down! - a serious bout of elbow tendonitis flared up in my preparation and I gained a greater appreciation for musicians and overuse injuries.

Got Courage?! -  I experienced many days/moments of doubt about being able to play the cello in a public venue. After all, my last public performance was my 9th grade orchestra stint in ‘73.

BIG Thanks to:
Dorien for her instruction and guidance - she’s Magical.

Danny Dukes and The Band for welcoming me and lettin’ me jam with your jazzy-n-playful MIS09 band!

Checkout more pics HERE

Photog: Bryan Scott

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