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My very able assistant, Jessica Lustbader,  forwarded me the link below.  If you want to know anything about sport and development, go here….

From the International Platform on Sport and Development:

What is Sport and Development?

â??Sport & Development’ refers to the use of sport as a tool for development and peace.

Actors in sport, academia, private sector, non-profit and non-governmental organisations, government agencies, UN agencies and international organisations, the media, the general public as well as young people are increasingly interested in the potential of sport as a tool to reach personal, community, national and international development objectives. They are also interested in how sport can be used as a tool for addressing some of the challenges that arise from humanitarian crises and in conflict and post-conflict settings.

As sport becomes increasingly part of humanitarian and development work, as well as a part of the corporate social responsibility practices of some private sector actors, interested parties are anxious to explore the potential, as well as the limitations, of sport in their work.

For these very different actors to understand each other better, it becomes necessary to develop common definitions and frameworks for action in order to improve practice.

The opportunity to use sport and play to create a better world is limited only by our belief in and the power of our imaginations.  Every day, more creative uses of play are sprouting all over the world.  As these individual, often isolated initiatives develop, so too will the need for an infrastructure to support, enhance, link and promote these activities and activists.  The IPSD seeks to provide this kind of support.  To read more about the International Platform’s mission and values, follow the link below…


What’s your Red Rubber Ball?!

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